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best romantic suspense book Madam, Will You Talk?
Mary Stewart
HarperTorch, Reprint 2003
Romantic Suspense

Much of a strange and tragic drama of revenge, lust, fear, and death has already been played by the time Charity Selborne arrives at a plush resort in the South of France. But by befriending a terrified boy and catching the attention of his enigmatic, possibly murderous father, Charity has inadvertently placed herself center stage.

Madam, Will You Talk? remains one of my all-time favorite romances.” – Rike Horstmann, All About Romance …full review

Available at AmazonMadam Will You Talk, best romantic suspense novel
best romantic suspense book Hunt Her Down
(Bullet Catchers)
Roxanne St. Claire
Pocket Star, 2009
Romantic suspense

Fourteen years ago, undercover FBI agent Dan Gallagher watched his lover, Maggie Varcek, flee into the Miami night as gunfire exploded around them. Now a Bullet Catcher, Dan has learned that drug lord Ramon Jimenez is out of prison after the FBI bust Maggie unwittingly aided, and is looking for revenge. Determined to protect the woman who still haunts his memory, Dan tracks Maggie down, undercover once again -- until his identity is stunningly blown. More...

Recommended Read
from CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
Hunt Her Down is a non-stop, breathtaking, nail-biting ride of pure adventure and second chance romance.” – Crystal, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques …full review

Available at AmazonHunt Her Down, romantic suspense novel
Pitch Black, best romantic suspense novel Pitch Black:
A Black CATs Novel
Leslie Parrish
Signet, 2009
Romantic suspense

Former profiler Alec Lambert would give anything to catch The Professor, a serial killer who lures his victims with Internet scams. Now working with reclusive scam expert Samantha Dalton, he finally has his chance. But as they draw ever closer to discovering The Professor's identity and stopping his murderous rampage, they realize Sam is the psychotic killer's new obsession-and possibly his next target...

“If I had to sum up Pitch Black with a single phrase, it would be this: really, really good.” – Katie Mack, All About Romance …full review

Available at AmazonPitch Black, best romantic suspense novel
Deadly Secrets
Leeann Burke
Lachesis Publishing, 2008
Romantic Suspense

PHILIPPE LAFRANCE is a well known reclusive writer whose life is suddenly thrown upside down. The grandfather he never knew existed dies. Throughout his own investigation, Philippe learns that his family has kept secrets from him, deep, ugly secrets. A killer is murdering the men in his family. First his father then his grandfather have succumbed at the hands of another. This murderer is trying his utmost to keep secrets buried. Bereft, Roxanne St-Clair is left to manage a restaurant when the only person who ever mattered to her, her foster parent and mentor, is murdered. She puts her life on hold to find his killer and bring him to justice. More...

“ This book definitely has all the elements of a great who-done-it, intrigue, suspense, murder, lies, and suspicions.” – Matilda, Coffee Time Romance …full review

Available at Amazon
Evil Without a Face
Jordan Dane
Avon, 2009
Romantic Suspense

Haunted and obsessed . . .

She sleeps with a Colt Python in her nightstand and her senses on alert—Jessica Beckett isn't taking any chances. Hiding a chilling secret, living in a world of snitches and felons, good cops and bad dreams, Jessica is a bounty hunter who brings lowlifes to justice. But not even she can imagine what she'll face when she tracks an online predator who has abducted a naïve teenage girl.  More...

"It reads like a thriller- which is part of the story - but when the characters come to life between the pages you see a different side - the side of sexual attraction for some of them. I loved this book..." -- Theresa, A Romance Review  full review...  
Divorced, Desperate and Dating
Christie Craig
Love Spell, 2008
Romantic Mystery

Sue Finley murdered people…on paper. As a mystery writer, she knew all the angles, who did what and why. The only thing she couldn’t explain was…well, men. Dating was like diving into a box of chocolates: sometimes the sweetest-looking specimens were candy-coated poison....

Raised in foster homes, Jason swore never to need anyone as much as the parents who’d abandoned him. ...But when Sue Finley started getting death threats, all bets were off. The blonde spitfire was everything he’d ever wanted—and she needed him.

"Divorced, Desperate and Dating is an absolutely superb romance....The characters grab you but the suspense will keep you turning pages." -- Nicole, Manic Readers ...full review
A Veiled Deception
Annette Blair
Berkley, 2009

The right dress can be magic; the wrong one—murder! From the national bestselling author of Sensation’s Witch series comes the new Vintage Magic mystery series, featuring Madeira Cutler. While opening her own vintage clothing shop, Maddie must clear her family’s name when her sister’s wedding festivities hit a snag: murder. More...

Recommended Read
from Fallen Angel Reviews
"[Annette Blair]  has more than done it again; she has surpassed her other books of which I am a huge fan!" -- Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews ...full review
Dead Drop
(Incognito Series Book 4)

Karen Wiesner
Whiskey Creek Press, 2007

Roan Emory, Network operative, was inducted against his will. Parris 'Perry' L'Engle, an FBI agent and the only woman he ever loved, has never been convinced that the car accident that took Daniel Sands' life was legitimate.  More...

To Protect A Princess
Gail Barrett
Silhouette, 2008

Logan Burke was no hero...
But Roma princess Dara Adams--the sole survivor of her royal family--needed the legendary guide to help her restore an ancient artifact to her people. Instead she found this enigmatic half-Gypsy with desire smoldering in his eyes and a secret sorrow in his soul. Logan had vowed never again to take a woman across the treacherous mountain terrain. But with a sniper on Dara's trail, the sexy loner had no choice but to sweep her from harm's way. As they went in search of a hidden Inca city, they journeyed deeper into the heart of danger--and discovered a passion that could be their undoing.... More...

"...Extraordinary...." -- Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance ...full review  
Right Here, Right Now
HelenKay Dimon
Brava, 2008
Contemporary Suspense, R

For Gabby Pearson, being dumped in public before the dessert course has to be the lowest of the low--especially when it's the old, "It's not you, it's me" speech. Honestly, how about something original: "I have five minutes to live" (very possible); "It's not you, it's the voices in my head" (thanks for the warning); or "I am such a powerful sexual being I could put you into a coma with one kiss" (wishful thinking). Not that Gabby would ever know since Reed Larkin never bothered to take her to bed.  More...

Unlawful Contact
Pamela Clare
Berkley, 2008
Suspense, R Hot

When a young woman disappears, journalist Sophie Alton investigates and is led to the woman's brother, a convicted killer who is running from the law. Together, they follow a dangerous path toward the truth-and unforgettable passion. More...

Dark and Dangerous
Jeanne Adams
Zebra, 2008

"I could not wait to get my hands on this book! Two of my friends were each reading this novel and sharing with me how very much they were enjoying it! Finally, I had a copy! From the turn of the first page the story grabbed my full attention and did not let go, I was immediately hooked. The characters intertwine beautifully with the story line; delivering edge-of-your-seat suspense, and an endearing love story." -- Dottie Ward, Amazon Reviewer  More...

"...filled with action..." -- Theresa, A Romance Review ...full review 
Trial by Fire
Jo Davis
Signet Eclipse, 2008
Suspense, R

Don't get burned... Lieutenant Howard “Six- Pack” Paxton loves three things: being a firefighter, riding his Harley, and his bachelorhood. That is, until the curvaceous Kat McKenna falls into his arms at the scene of a fire—and melts the six-foot-six tower of bronze muscle… More...

"...captured my heart..." -- Billie Jo, Romance Junkies ...full review  
Silencing Sarah
M.L. Cordle
Resplendence Publishing, 2008
Suspense, R

After his wife's suicide and the suspicious drowning death of a young local girl, Sarah Chambers, Will McGomery wants nothing more than to be left alone….But when a nosy, beautiful author shows up on his land claiming it as her own, Will knows that his quiet existence is at an end....Madison Owens wades into a quagmire of painful secrets, where no one is above suspicion and betrayal lies around every corner. Madison will now invest everything, her heart and her life, in her quest to silence Sarah. More...

"...kept me on the edge of my seat." -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance …full review 
Weddings Can be Murder
Christie Craig
Love Spell, 2008

"It's that funny…." -- Jody Payne …full review

Five Stars
Romance Junkies
Dangerous Secrets
Lisa Marie Rice
Avon Red, 2008
Suspense, R

Small-town librarian Charity Prewitt never dreamed she'd meet and fall in love with a man like Nicholas Ames. The handsome, rich, charming, sexy-as-hell millionaire blew into tiny Parker's Ridge, Vermont, and immediately rocked her world….But Nick Ames is not who he claims to be. In truth, he is Nicholas Ireland—the one they call "Iceman." A former Delta Force operator, now a high-level undercover agent, he will do whatever his government asks of him—lie, seduce, betray . . . even kill, if necessary—for the sake of the mission. And this time his mission is Charity Prewitt. More...

" be relished and enjoyed. " -- Jolie Dreyson, Romance Junkies …full review 
Lillian's Love
Laura Marie Henion
Lachesis Publishing, 2008

"This book was great! I couldn't put it down. This is the first novel I read by Laura Marie Henion, but it definitely won't be the last." -- Mary Camilleri …full review

"...I was glued to every page." -- Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance …full review 
Seducing the Mercenary
Loreth Anne White
Silhouette, 2007
Romantic Suspense

To the world, Jean-Charles Laroque was a tyrannical ruler--a powerful mercenary driven by greed. But was he threatening enough to assassinate? Making that assessment was profiler Emily Carlin, a woman whose professionalism masked her phobia of being dominated by an alpha male. A male like Laroque.  More...

Five Stars
Romantic Times  
Hot Stuff
Flo Fitzpatrick
Zebra, 2005

Tempe Walsh is fluent in ten languages- and she can't say no to adventure. Next stop: India! Her mission: find the priceless -and mysterious- statue known as Shiva's Diva. Her man: Briggan O'Brien, a sexy Irishman on the run from the Mumbai Mob. Brig has a strange way of doing business... More...

Five Stars
Romantic Times


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