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We've found a number of new and popular romance novels while searching for the best romance novels for this site. All of these books average at least 4.5 stars overall on Amazon, and have been in the top 40 for their category.

This page is a work in progress. Making up a page, etc., for each book takes about an hour, believe it or not! A few pages are done. For these, you'll see a text link below the title, which leads to its unique page on our site (a few links lead to the author's website, which provides information on the book that we could not find elsewhere). Text is included, so you can research the book for yourself at online retailers.

Enjoy! :)

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popular new historical romance, lips that touch mine, wendy lindstrom
...she is determined to shut down his noisy tavern...
Lips that Touch Mine
Wendy Lindstrom
...nothing will stop this ruthless warrior
from winning his lady...

Jill Barnett
Seven nights in a rogues bed, anna campbell
She has agreed to submit herself to a terrible fate...
Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed
Anna Campbell

...she turns the life of the serious
and snobbish duke upside down...

Jill Barnett
lord of temptation, lorraine heath
Desperation makes her hire
the notorious privateer...

Lord of Temptation
Lorraine Heath
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better off without him, dee ernst
...her next book will be the anti-romance...
Better Off Without Him
Dee Ernst
it had to be you, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
...the sexist jock taskmaster
has a one-track mind...

It Had to Be You
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
simply irresistible, rachel gibson
...bad boy isn't looking to be
anybody's savior but his own...

Simply Irresistible
Rachel Gibson

stranger in the moonlight, Jude Deveraux
...he will crash into her life once more...
Stranger in the Moonlight
Jude Deveraux
sweet tea and secrets, Nancy Naigle
...he was the last man Jill wanted to see...
Sweet Tea and Secrets
Nancy Naigle
all summer long, Susan Mallery
...she comes to him with an indecent proposal...
All Summer Long
Susan Mallery

a fool's gold christmas, Susan Mallery
...she won't be seduced by the bad-boy charms
of her brother's best friend...

A Fool's Gold Christmas
Susan Mallery
the inn at rose harbor, Debbie Macomber
...she purchases a local bed-and-breakfast
 to start her life anew

The Inn at Rose Harbor
Debbie Macomber
let me be the one, Bella Andre
She needs a pretend boyfriend to protect her...
Will their “fake” kisses and caresses
jeopardize their friendship?

Let Me Be the One
Bella Andre

where azaleas bloom, Sherryl Woods
...he's an unlikely knight in shining armor.
Where Azaleas Bloom
Sherryl Woods
deep in the heart, Staci Stallings
Christian romance
...her whole world is about to be up-ended...

Deep in the Heart
Staci Stallings
a hidden fire, Elizabeth Hunter
Warning: For Adult Readers
No secret stays hidden forever...
A Hidden Fire
Elizabeth Hunter
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bodyguard, jennifer ashley
...saved from an armed robber
by a giant Kodiak bear...

Jennifer Ashley
quinn's undying rose, tina folsom
Warning: For Adult Readers
...she faked her death to hide a terrible secret.
Quinn's Undying Rose
Tina Folsom
toil and trouble, H.P. Mallory
Jolie wakes to find her world turned
upside down...

Toil and Trouble
HP Mallory

to have and to hold, Debora Geary
Five Stars, 135 Reviews
Hacking a fiery witch's online gaming world
will get him a lot more than he bargained for...

To Have and to Code r... Debora Geary
intuition, Amy A. Bartol
I have to resist.
How he would savor my surrender.

Amy A. Bartol
darkness reborn, Stephanie Rowe
She calls to his spirit on levels
so intimate and so passionate
 that his deadened soul screams in agony.

Darkness Reborn
Stephanie Rowe

caged, Amber Lynn Natusch
My life had just become surreal,
 impossible, and one enormous lie.

Amber Lynn Natusch
haunted, Amber Lynn Natusch
I wondered how this could be happening,
what he wanted...

Amber Lynn Natusch
scarred, Amber Lynn Natusch
With every choice I made, I felt
my humanity slipping away.

Amber Lynn Natusch

vampire games, J.R. Rain attack changes her life forever...
Vampire Games
J.R. Rain
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chilled, kendra elliot
Brynn braves a dangerous blizzard
to find the survivors of a plane crash
in the Cascade Mountains.

Kendra Elliot
forged in fire, Trish McCallan
Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions.
But her recent dream feels too real to ignore

Forged in Fire
Trish McCallan
the witness, nora roberts
...she allowed a strange man’s
seductive Russian accent to lure her...

The Witness
Nora Roberts

deadly deception, alexa grace
5 Stars, 198 Reviews
She's found the man of her dreams.
If only she can find it in her heart to forgive him.

Deadly Deception
Alexa Grace
deadly relations, alexa grace
5 Stars, 66 Reviews
She races against time to find a serial killer
 before he kills again...

Deadly Relations
Alexa Grace
silent run, Barbara Freethy
Her memory is gone, her baby missing.
All she has is the gripping certainty
that she is in mortal danger.

Silent Run
Barbara Freethy

breaking free, teresa reasor
He's a tough as nails SEAL
with a heart of gold...

Breaking Free
Teresa J. Reasor
breaking through, Teresa Reasor
...can he trust her to keep his secrets
off the record?

Breaking Through
Teresa J. Reasor
renegade, Erica Stevens
...has he come to recapture her,
or to kill her for daring to escape?

Erica Stevens

still waters, Misha Crews
...some secrets aren't meant to be kept....
Still Waters
Misha Crews
dangerous secrets, Lisa Renee Jones
...she on the run from those who believe
she knows too much...

Dangerous Secrets
Lisa Renee Jones
intimate enemies, joan swan
...She never expected to find an adversary
 in the man who had once
touched her heart with kindness...

Intimate Enemies
Joan Swan

risky shot, Kathleen Brooks
5 Stars, 49 Reviews
... she leaves the streets of New York
 after tracking the criminals out to destroy her...

Risky Shot
Kathleen Brooks
rising storm, Kathleen Brooks
5 Stars, 44 Reviews
...he has an affinity for teasing
 the hot new veterinarian in town...

Rising Storm
Kathleen Brooks
the scent of lies, Debra Burroughs
...A sexy new police detective is in town...
The Scent of Lies
Debra Burroughs

loose ends, Terri Reid
How can she turn her experience as a Chicago cop
and new-found talent of communicating with ghosts
 into a real job...
and ensure the handsome new police chief doesn’t think she’s nuts?

Loose Ends
Terri Reid
softly at sunrise, maya banks
Will she finally be free of the ghosts
that have haunted her for so long?

Softly at Sunrise
Maya Banks
turn to me, Tiffany A. Snow
...she’s always known
there was a termination date
 on her relationship with Blane.
She just didn’t expect that termination
to be her funeral.

Turn to Me
Tiffany A. Snow
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beautiful disaster, Jamie McGuire
Travis Maddox, lean, cut,
and covered in tattoos,
is exactly what Abby wants—and needs—to avoid.

Beautiful Disaster
Jamie McGuire
easy, Tammara Webber
Her friends nominate him to be the perfect rebound.
Tammara Webber
slumber, Samantha Young
He is the son of the man
who destroyed Rogan’s family...

Samantha Young


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