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The Dragon and The Pearl

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Best Series/Category, Historical Romance

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Jeannie Lin

...a ruthless warlord comes and steals her away...

Former Emperor's consort Ling Suyin is renowned for her beauty; the ultimate seductress. Now she lives quietly alone—until the most ruthless warlord in the region comes and steals her away....

Li Tao lives life by the sword, and is trapped in the treacherous, lethal world of politics. The alluring Ling Suyin is at the center of the web. He must uncover her mystery without falling under her spell—yet her innocence calls out to him. How cruel if she, of all women, can entrance the man behind the legend.... More...

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BRNT Notes:
Amazon: 4.5 stars, 15 reviews
Barnes & Noble: 4 stars, 6 reviews
Goodreads: 3.9 stars, 173 votes


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