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Beyond the Rapture

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Best Christian New Adult Romance

christian romance novel, Beyond the Rapture
Jennette Green

Signs of the end of the age are upon Kay’s college town. . .

I’ve never thought much about the apocalypse before. Much less the Rapture. Now I wonder if I’ve been blind on purpose, or just ignorant.

The end is coming.

I can taste it. I can smell it. I can feel it.

Hold on. . .


Kay Jameson just wants to be a normal college student. To her shock, two fellow students physically threaten her in the journalism lab during the first week of school. Thank goodness Mitch, an artist, comes to her aid. Why do the students hate her? And what is the meaning behind Mitch’s unusual drawings?

At home, her parents’ arguments are tearing Kay up inside, and her sister seems to hate her. No matter how hard she tries, Kay just can’t seem to do anything right. Even worse, her budding romance with the handsome Trent is creating an uncomfortable distance between Kay and her best friend, David. Kay is determined to do everything she can to salvage the relationships that mean so much to her.

The hate attacks on Kay and her church continue to intensify. Who is behind them?

Is it truly the end? Is the Rapture next?

Genre: Christian end times fiction, new adult romance

Top Pick
Best Romance Novels Today

"I really enjoyed this book! It was amazing to learn how events mentioned in Matthew and Revelation are relevant for today. I love how it captivated me, and made me want to know more.
Adventure, suspense, and a splash of romance are exactly the ingredients needed to make a spectacular book, and this one has all three."
– Claire A., Best Romance Novels Today

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