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Here Comes Trouble
Debbie Macomber
Harlequin, 1992
Category Romance

"Twenty-three-year-old Maryanne "Annie" Simpson has led a life of privilege since the day she was born....[Now] her father has arranged a wonderful job as a columnist for one of his papers: the "Seattle Review." But when Nolan Adams, a columnist for the "Seattle Sun" - a rival newspaper - begins writing his columns about Maryanne, referring to her as "the deb" - short for debutante - leaving his legion of fans salivating over the new information he feels he is obligated to share with the city, Maryanne gets upset. For suddenly she realizes that Nolan's columns, as hurtful as they are, are absolutely true...." -- Erika Sorocco, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer  More... 

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Glad Tidings (Here Comes Trouble and There's Something About Christmas)
Debbie Macomber
Harlequin, 2006

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Eye of the Beholder
Ingrid Weaver
Silhouette, 2003
Category Romance

"Excellent...." -- M. Hartmann, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer …full review 
The Magic of Living
Betty Neels
Harlequin, 1974
Category Romance PG

Arabella Birch had a less than happy introduction to Holland when she became involved in a road accident. It seemed destined that the first person on the scene should be Dr. Gideon van der Vorst, who took charge of the situation--and Arabella--in a very commanding way.  More...
The Silver Thaw
Betty Neels
Harlequin, 1980
Category Romance PG

Amelia and Tom had been engaged a long time -- too long! She was beginning to worry about why he was so reluctant to set a date. So when her father first suggested that the three of them should have a holiday in Norway, Amelia thought that in such relaxed surroundings she and Tom would finally be able to settle their future. Instead, Amelia found Gideon van der Tolck often at her side, and his company became increasingly appealing.... More... 


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