Best Contemporary Romance Novels

Yes, Chef by Waitlyn Andrews

An upbeat, closed-door sizzling-with-chemistry, romantic comedy that will have you believing in the magic of a 90’s Rom-Com again.

I’ve sworn off romantic relationships, stifling family expectations, and self-doubt. The trifecta, really. Returning home to run the family business is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend some time carving out my own path to culinary success. The first four months of living abroad go exactly as planned, working at one of the chicest, up-and-coming restaurants in France—not to brag—I know a Michelin star is within reach if I keep my head down, focus, and work harder than I ever have. I go to the market every morning, I run my own schedule, and I don’t have to think about my cheating ex or Meredith-Blake-of-a-mother. That is, until a tall, all-American golden boy enters my space as the new head chef of Teaks—my boss. Chef James Sullivan is too attractive for his own good, and I’ve strictly written off workplace romances. But, lucky for me, he only chooses to acknowledge my presence when he’s critiquing my work every five minutes. Maybe I can tune out those broad shoulders and denim blue eyes . . . if only those eyes would stop staring at me so intently.   A note form the author:

“I’m a 30-something author who lives vicariously through my characters and adores a good ’90s rom-com. I’ve penned a novel about a strong female lead chasing her culinary dreams in Paris, navigating workplace romance and family expectations.”
Waitlyn Andrews