Best Inspirational Romance Books

Lady Fallows’ Secrets by Suzanne G. Rogers

Can Sybil manage to save her brother without losing her heart to a man she cannot marry?

After a riding accident leaves Sybil’s brother, Ash, physically and emotionally devastated, she breaks off a courtship to devote herself to his care. Unfortunately, the one girl who could save Ash from his increasing melancholy has been whisked off to London by her ironfisted guardian. When a handsome stranger offers Sybil his help, she dives headlong into a clandestine scheme fraught with danger. As a daring rescue unfolds, deceit and mysteries are brought to light, the bonds of friendship are tested…and passion is unleashed. 

A 5 star review from Goodreads:

“Funny, passionate (without vulgarity), witty, often surprising, & kept my attention from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author gave detailed descriptions without becoming boring. Simply an excellent read!”